DEBs care and repair services

Environmental ethos 

Replace parts only if required and if practical we will repair  

Clean and lube bikes wherever possible with plant based lubricants

Community bike workshop 

Learn to service your own ebike (excludes use of hydraulic fluid)

Tuesday 3.30 – 6.30pm and Saturday 9.30 – 12.30pm – $Koha

Safety check 

Bolt/spoke check, chain lube, check/adjust brakes/gears, tyre inflation $75

Service (first one free 200km/2 months after new ebike purchase)

Bolt, spoke/rim check, chain wear check, drive-train cleaned/lubed,  adjust brakes, tune gears, tyres pumped, frame/rims cleaned, spot lubed,  quote for repair $150

Electrical repair or battery issues 

Warranty – free 

Diagnose and quote for repair $30 – repairs $75 p/h

Battery analysis $30 

Mechanical Repairs

Warranty – free

Punctures – DIY with gear supplied by VCW (koha) or $30 plus tube

Replace – gear/brake cable, brake pads, 

chain/cassette/sprocket/chain ring, 

Bleed brakes $30 per line 

Wheel rebuild/truing, internal gear/brake repairs, 

suspension servicing $75 p/h

Being part of a workers collective, servicing/repairs are undertaken by independent and collaborative businesses within the same building.