Q. How far can I ride on a battery charge?

A. Depends on battery size, hills, load carried, speed and energy used by cyclist. Most people can get a 30-60km range from a full charge.

Q. Will I get any exercise when ebiking

A. Yes – increased fitness through a low impact, cardio workout also people with ebikes use them more often

Q. How long does it take to charge?

A. 3-8 hours for full charge and approx 75% charge takes about an hour

Q. What is the top speed?

A. 25-45kph depending on model

Q. Where are DEBs ebikes made?

A. In China where 95% of the world’s ebikes are made and alongside its own fleet of over 200 million ebikes (2016)

Q. Do ebikes work in the rain?

A. Yes, but like people they love a towel down after getting wet and prefer sleeping under cover

Q. Do the batteries recharge going down hills?

A. No – great on cars and trucks but not on ebikes

Q. Do I need a special licence or pay road user charges?

A. No

Q. Do you do finance?

A. Yes

Q. Which is best front, mid or rear motors?

A. Each has its pros and cons and like a front, rear or all wheel drive car some motors suit some conditions riders better than others! Mid-drives are generally more expensive!

Q. How much fun?

A. So much fun!

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