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Under $1500 – pre-cycled and conversions

Under $2000


Classic Falcon  $1950 – solid performer and a perfect bike for getting to work on time or weekend exploring


Timeless Tui step-thru  $1950 – visit friends, detour to the grocery store and then haul the loads home in style with the big 16ah battery


Compact Robin fold-up  $1950 – climb hills with a smile, then fold up into a car, bus or boat



Sassy Onya F-19 fold-up  $2350 – turn heads at the cafe with hidden battery, stylish lines and integrated lights

IMG_20161223_093022 (2)

Lightweight Cross Current S $2799 –  the speed-pedelec designed to be the ultimate commuter – new CCs all fitted with mudguards and lights

IMG_20170619_130028 (1)

The Scout – fat-tyred folder $2599 robust go anywhere fun machine


The Street $2899 – Kinetic V3 motor and Shimano Nexus internal gears  = the Baldwin basher!


The Kuaka – long distance flier $2950 – great specs, Bafang mid-drive motor and capable of 100km+ on one battery charge

Belle and trikescaled

Load hauling trike $2999 – at home on country roads, carting groceries on city streets or cruising with family



Powerful Sprint 7L $3099 – front hub motor, rear internal Shimano Nexus gears ensuring a refined ride and a great hill climber


An e-utility bike ODK U500 – $3399 – built for moving you, your kids and loads across town with ease


Kinetic 19Z  $3459 – refined cycling, blending the Bafang mid drive and NuVinci rear hub internal gearing…endless possibilities! 


The Forza – $3559 stylish and well specced  truly versatile go anywhere machine. Winner of the Auckland long hill ebike comparison test.


Mountain flying Alpine $3999 – built for back country adventures and urban thrills


Expedir cargofrom $3559 – dual wheeled drive work horse, the car replacer. Move you, the kids, the shopping and small friends


Super stable and safe Carro trike $3849 – errand runner, shopping hauler and capable of traveling long distances even over rough roads



The Raptor – talon like tyres, full suspension with a high torque motor at its heart; hills become easy prey $4299


Second hand or ex-demo ebikes available at times…


…and conversions can be arranged.


Ebikes don’t go brum or even make you glum
Ebikes shouldn’t make you puff or pant – unless you want to
Ebikes love hills, ups, downs and passing others with cheery hellos
Ebikes keep you dry, on the inside of your clothes, no lycra required
Ebikes have a battery, a controlling controller
and a motor that goes shhhhhh….

by rekrapenator