Ebikes – reinventing the wheel


We are an independent electric bike dealership offering ebikes proven to meet the rigorous requirements of cyclists in Dunedin

Our ebikes cater to a wide range of bikers from the quick commuter or family transporter to the senior cyclist or the more robust rider

All ebikes can be trialled from our quiet (no exit) corner of NEV


Back to Nature with the Kuaka





Built to Dunedin Electric Bikes’ specifications, these long distance fliers – the Kuaka, come in two styles and are capable of 100km+ on a single charge.

A 300w mid-mounted Bafang motor with 8 speed Shimano gears for steep streets and reliable disc brakes to avoid wayward students or sleeping penguins.

The sleek alloy frame hides a high capacity slim-line 17Ah battery with an integrated USB charger.

With their easy to read LCD display, bright lights, low resistance wheels and reflective tyres they are a commuter’s first choice. They also come standard with a 3A fast charger.

The Kuaka’s murk fending mudguards and load hauling carrier will have you cycling year round, even in Dunedin!

2 year warranty on motor, battery, frame and free first service $2950